Q: What application do I need for editing my TOGOpub template?

A:  Currently, all of our designs are editable through Microsoft PowerPoint. We make all of our designs on Microsoft PowerPoint because of its ease of use and high customization potential.


Q: May I resell TOGOpub templates as my own?

A: We do not permit the reselling of our designs. However, you are free to edit, reuse, and print them for a lifetime of personal and commercial use.


  • Advertising your handmade candles with our Business Template: ALLOWED.
  • Selling our Business Template as your own: NOT ALLOWED.
  • Displaying your cat in our Lost Cat Template: SAD, BUT ALLOWED.
  • Selling our Lost Cat Template as your own: NOT ALLOWED.


Q: What if I add my own pictures and text? Then could I resell the template?

A: Because our team puts forth many hours of labor in designing our own templates, we reserve the right to deny the reselling of our art as your own. Thank you for your cooperation and support.